Bob’s Machine – Clamp-on motor tilt and trim (Action Series)


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New Action series Tilt and Trim, all in one unit!  Easy rigging and tons of benefits! For outboard owners without factory tilt and trim, Bob’s Machine Shop has a solution. Designed for motors up to 40 hp, BMS’s new hydraulic Tilt & Trim can provide increased performance, better handling and less hassle raising and lowering the motor at the launch ramp. The Tilt & Trim allows skippers to trim the boat for a smoother, drier ride. When fully trimmed in, it provides a negative 3-degree tuck-under angle for faster starts and quicker on-plane times. After reaching plane, the boat can be optimized for best running angle by trimming the tilt up to its maximum of 75 degrees. A 5-1/2 inch setback is standard. The hydraulically operated Tilt & Trim will accommodate clamp-on motors,not standard BIA bolt pattern style. Call for questions.

The Over all mounting dimensions, which are: 11.5″ wide by 10″ length

BMS’s Tilt & Trim is easy to install. It comes with wiring harness, control switch and carries a limited lifetime structural warranty.