Bob’s Machine – Hydraulic Action Series Kick-Back Jac


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Bob’s Kick-Back Plate The best jack plate available meets the KickBack plate to form the new Hydraulic KickBack Jac!  Bob’s jack plate with 6″ hydraulic stroke and 1.5″ built in structure lift offering a total of 7.5″ total lift!  Delrin bushing throughout provide long life of smooth sliding, and pivoting.  Navigate the shallows, and if you encounter a submerged object, you can jack up your motor and idle over allowing your motor to KickBack and prevent costly damage to the lower unit. Features :
  1. Patent pending
  2. Locking pins for reverse
  3. Grease able pivot points and slide plate area
  4. No spring or chains
  5. Tension rods
  6. 30 deg or tilt
  7. Delrin rollers and bearings for smooth operation; No need for chains or spring
  8. Motor tether attachment point for safety
  9. Locking pins to prevent plate from kicking out in reverse or trailering
  10. Grease able pivot points – automotive zerk fittings
  11. Rated up to 115 HP motors – BIA bolt pattern
  12. Unit weight : 48 LBS
  13. Optional clamp on style kit available. Item number is 100-105001
WARNING: This unit is rated for outboard motors up to a maximum of 115 H.P. Do not encounter obstructions at speeds over 5 M.P.H and only in the forward direction. It is not designed or intended to encounter obstructions while the boat is being operated in the reverse direction.