Vance Manufacturing – 6” Hydraulic Kick-Up Plate


Dimensions: 18” Height, 6” Setback, 3/8” Thick Aluminum
Total weight: 49.5 pounds
The jackplate is designed to swivel on the rugged stainless steel shaft in case of an obstacle such as a stump or rock while carefully trolling back to the hotspots your buddies can’t reach!
Simply tighten the side swivels to desired setting for your rig size and you are protected from a potential lower unit or prop BOO-BOO! Also included are two safety chains to prevent over-travel swiveling of engine when an obstruction is encountered.
Tightness is determined by engine reverse requirement. The larger the engine, the tighter the swivels for preventing flip-up during reverse.
It is also equipped with 6 inches of hydraulic vertical lift just like a regular hydraulic jackplate. This unit enables you to have the kick-up and hydraulic vertical lift function in one compact 6 inch setback design!
The hydraulic pump is self contained and mounted in the jackplate so there are no hydraulic lines or reseviors that need to be checked or maintained. The pump is manufactured by Parker Hannifin right here in the United States and includes a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty. Vance Manufacturing will handle all claims and replacements regarding Parker Hannifin Pumps directly within the 1 year warranty period.
This unit comes with all electrical hardware needed to mount and operate unless wire extension is desired beyond 10 feet. 10 feet of cable is included with every HYDKU-6000. A winch contactor solenoid and two way switch come standard with this model for easy operation, attach your wires going to the battery and your unit is ready to function. No assembly needed period.
Aluminum Structure Clear Anodized for prolonged life. Hard Black Anodized is available, the model number for it is HYDKU-6000B. Black hard anodized is recommended for salt water and brackish water applications.
This is the only Kick-Up plate manufactured by any manufacturer that has adjustable hydraulic vertical lift (jackplate) as well as the kick up function limited by stainless steel chain in the event of hitting a log, stump or earth below.

No springs to break and no replacement parts necessary as the HYDKU-6000 is made of aircraft quality aluminum and 3/8 stainless steel chain, grade 316.

Here are the pre-drilled hole dimensions listed below in inches for standard outboard engines:

Pre-drilled holes for 1/2” stainless hardware
12 7/8” across the top two holes from center to center
9 7/8” across the bottom two holes from center to center
8” of vertical distance between the top holes and bottom mounting holes
The HYDKU-6000 unit structure has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. The hydraulic pumps and electrical have a 1 year warranty period against manufacturer defects.
WARNING: The HYDUKU-6000 is rated for outboard motors up to a maximum of 90 H.P. Do not encounter obstructions at speeds over 5 M.P.H. and only in the forward direction. The HYDKU-6000 is not designed to encounter obstructions while the boat is being operated in the reverse direction.
*Patent Pending*
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Simply the best idea ever for the adventurous sportsman! This plate
allows access to the previously unreachable fishing or hunting ground
with a standard tiller engine without worries of prop damage.