SouthernLite LED Gen 3 Black Ops


Black Ops


The NEW GEN 3 is a Boat lite that has been in development for the past two Years. When we set out to provide customers with a three-light look, we quickly found it was more difficult to accomplish than we anticipated. With three lights pointing in different directions you will have a concentrated beam in three locations, making the areas in-between Dark. We had to develop a concentrated beam in the front with an equal beam following all the way to the sides, (similar to our GEN 1.2). After months and months of testing on the WATER, we finally found the exact angles and diode projection that would qualify this light to be called a Southern lite LED BOAT LITE. THE GEN 3 WITH 220 DEGREE LIGHT PROJECTION is our widest shining light to date, with an actual rear projection shining back, not just toward the front. The GEN 3 also was designed to be extremely narrow so not to interfere with your trolling motor of taking up the whole bow of your boat. The GEN 3 SLL BOAT LITE is GUARANTEED TO BE THE BRIGHTEST, TOUGHEST, AND LONGEST LASTING BOAT LITE of its size.  THIS BOAT LIGHT HAS BEEN TESTED TO PERFORM IN REAL BOAT NAVIGATION CONDITIONS TO KEEP YOU SAFE OUT ON THE WATER. Overall housing dimensions  22WX5DX5.5H inches